Attention! Exclusive product for the Spanish, Portuguese, Andorran, and Mexican markets.

L range sanders have been designed for workshops where high performance and top quality finishes are demanded.

High performance Orbital pneumatic sanders. Light, compact and powerful. Profiled composite casing, comfortable and long-lasting.

With 360° rotatable rear air outlet, directing the air away from the operator. It is easily connected to central or portable extraction systems.

The L505 sander has been designed for quick grinding down, with a good quality surface finish.

If you are looking for scratch-free quality, you can trust the L range. Due to the lubricant-free design, there is no concern about substrate contamination.

Power 0.2 H.P.
Free speed 12,000 r.p.m.
Air consumption 220 L/min.
Air consumption (4.5 bar) 280 L/min.
Air consumption (6 bar) 380 L/min.
Air inlet 1/4"
Minimum hose diameter Ø 8 mm.
Net weight 0.87 Kg.
Total length 118 mm.
Oscillation 5 mm.
Plate Size 152 mm. (6 inch)
Code Version
40000232 L505 Air Orbital Sander