Painting or blasting lines in the metal, wood, plastic, ceramic etc. industries.

Air filtration and regulation for machinery in general where a supply of clean air is required.

Flow (FR303, FR302) 1500 L/min
Flow (FR404) 2050 - 2100 L/min
Dimensions (FR303, FR302) 53 x 211 mm
Dimensions (FR404) 70 x 262.5 mm
Particulate filter 40 microns
Centrifugal water filtration Yes
Drain system semi automatic
Cup 30 cm2
Polycarbonate deposit with metallic protection Yes
Working Temperature -10 to 60ºC
Code Version
40000179 FR302 Air Filter-regulator 1/4"
40000180 FR303 Air Filter-regulator 3/8"
40000181 FR404 Air Filter-regulator 1/2"