Professional line of air filters and regulators SAGOLA for the most demanding paint jobs. This line is designed for paint booths in bodyshop, wood and metal works where the highest finishing is needed. Maximum filtering, smooth functioning and strength, at the best price/quality ratio. SAGOLA 4000 Series FILTERS supply the cleanest air, filtering particles down to 0.01 microns, and ensure a minimum air pressure drop (max. air flow: 1,700 l/min.)

Strong and highly effective design.
Easy-to-use, smooth handling.
Manufactured with highly durable materials.
Long lasting anticorrosion treatment in all surfaces.
Automatic draining system.
High precision regulators and manometer.

Two stage air filter. Maximum filtering level.
Recommended for last generation finishes.
Waterborne paints, HS clearcoats and enamels, high gloss lacquers.
Highly reliable air regulation system.
Manufactured from a solid aluminum block.
1st stage: water, oil and particles filtering + 2nd stage: submicronic filtering. 0.01 microns.
Automatic drain of condensed liquids.
High air flow.
High quality manometer.

Dimensions 279 x 117 x 186 mm
Weight 2002 gr.
Brass filter 20 microns
Coalescent filter 0.01 microns
Drain system automatic + semi automatic
Air flow 1700 L/min
Maximum working pressure 12 bar
Air inlet 1/2"
Quick Coupling SAGOLA US Mil
Code Version
10750401 4220 1/2" 0-12b Filter-regulator
10750402 4220 PLUS 1/2" 0-12b Filter-reg US-MIL
10750403 4220 PLUS 1/2" 0-12b Filter-reg NITTO
10750404 4220 PLUS 1/2" 0-12b Filter-reg Europerf