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Training seminar in Axalta Thailand and Malaysia

Sagola's technical team has travelled to Thailand and Malaysia this month to provide Axalta's technical staff and sales teama training course. 

The training course has been organized in two parts; one of them more theoretical for a better knowledge of the products of the Sagola Refinish Catalogue and to show the last novelties and another part, a practical training in which they had the chance to test some products for different applications. 

We would like to thank to both Axalta Thailand and Malaysia for its warm welcome and the interest shown in these training actions.

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Training seminar in Cesvi Mexico

Last October, it was a great pleasure for Sagola to show the whole range of Sagola spray guns to the Cesvi Mexico technical staff.

The first part of the training included a review of the whole range of products and the importance of the whole painting process:

  • Surface preparation
  • Air quality and compressed air systems.
  • Suitable painting equipment for each painting step.

The second part of the training was focused on test different Sagola products so the technicians will familiarize with them.

The purpose of this training seminar is to share the knowledge with the automotive refinish market to develop the level of specialization among professional painters in Mexico.

Thank you to the Cesvi Mexico team for the wonderful enthusiasm and support along the training seminar.

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Sagola in Cesvimap, new products presentation

Last week, Sagola visited the facilities of newest products for automotive sector.

After the launch of the 4600 Xtreme in the last quarter of the year, Sagola has made an in-depth renewal of the refinish range of products throughout this 2017.

Undoubtedly, the great novelty of these last months is the 3300 GTO, a new and versatile spray gun takes up into the Sagola Refinish Catalogue in a version for finishes; 3300 GTO CAR, ideal for clearcoats, waterborne and single stage paints and another version for top range primers (HS and express drying), the 3300 GTO. Both versions are presented with new forged body, in different high transfer nozzles.

There were also new products such as the Classic Pro XD, an excellent value for money spray gun for primers that provides both aesthetic and functional improvements (new EPA and HVLP nozzles) compared to its predecessor Classic Pro. The new 475 Xtech, is a new and improved version of the historic Premium 475 retouching gun, with a more modern aesthetic and an external air regulator as standard.

In addition to the product presentation, the international Sagola team that attended this conference, takes the change to know the operation of Cesvi Spain to make easier the relationship with Cesvi in other countries.

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Training and painting equipment for cesvi mexico

SAGOLA México Sagola México has started a collaboration project with Cesvi Mexico; they will test Sagola painting equipment with products from different paint manufacturers, for a later validation. Last September the 7th , Sagola has provided Cesvi with the most suitable products for refinish.

Ruben Moreno Torres, Automobile Manger, and Emanuel Juan arenas, Head of Paint Department in Cesvi Mexico, received the painting equipment and also attended the training course. The training was held in the Ibis Hotel in Mexico City and was focus on the Sagola Refinish Catalogue with the newest products for automotive sector.

They took the chance to talk about the new Sagola 3300 GTO, the new spray gun that has replaced 3300 PRO and 4100 GTO models. 

We deeply appreciate the support we have received from Cesvi Mexico , and we trust the quality of our products to provide technological innovation for both national and international market.

The Sagola product catalogue is available at our website

For further information, the address of our headqueraters in Mexico is:

Industrias Sagola de México SA de CV
Calle 2 No. 5C Bodega 6
Parque Industrial Benito Juárez
Querétaro, Querétaro, México. 76120
Phone: 442 3885080

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New cars for Sagola fleet

Sagola national sales team met this week in our headquarters in Vitoria to pick their new vehicles; hybrid Toyota cars.

Sagola, following its commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, has chosen hybrid vehicles to equip national sales team. Cars that reduce the emissions to atmosphere and allow us to be closer to our customers in a more environmentally friendly way.

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Custom artist visiting Sagola

Earlier this month a large group of Airbrush painters and custom artists were welcomed at Sagola headquarters, to know the process of manufacture of our painting equipment.

They made a tour to our facilities and visited the warehouse and manufacturing and quality areas where they listened to explanation from the department heads. 

It was a very interesting experience that ended with a presentation of some new products in Sagola training center.

Special thanks for the nice collection of art they gave to us for our showroom and above all for their passion and love for what they do.

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Sagola with the NASCAR Mexico

SAGOLA, allowing itself the opportunity to build a joint market, provides an image over the whole area. Sagola will take part is NASCAR MEXICO supporting drivers such as Javier "El Che" Fernandez, a well-known driver with an extraordinary human and professional quality. The event was held in Queretaro, where the Sagola distribution center in Mexican Republic is located.

Javier "El Che" Fernández is a great competitor who keeps calm and a strong team spirit even in a most complicated race. He plays hard in order to achieve for his team a continuous improvement and excellence, a value that Sagola shares and tries to offer the best professional equipment for a perfect refinish. 

"The best lottery ticket is one´s job" ... totally agree with you Javier.

It was our pleasure to work and enjoy with you such an experience of work and dedication.

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Roberlo visit

It was our pleasure to welcome Roberlo team at Sagola headquarters to make some product tests focus on industrial painting.

Roberlo's technicians and laboratory manager together with Sagola´s technician have been testing both new and already existing Roberlo products with high production Sagola painting equipment for airless and air assisted airless systems.

These tests were carried out in Sagola Training Center during two very busy and successful days.

We would like to thank to <b>Roberlo</b> team members not only for their visit but also for their excellent work and professionalism.

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2017 Fair of Importaciones Vega

Our Costa Rica importer did an excellent presentation of Sagola product range in the 2017 Fair held last 11 and 12 of February by Importaciones Vega. We would like to thank to the whole team the trust and support to Sagola.
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